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15 years and how it now rolls off my back

It just occurred to me yesterday that I have been publishing this newspaper for 15 years. Greg and I bought the newspaper on July 1, 1996.  Today I ran across my journal recording the decision process leading up to that significant event.
Rereading what I wrote  reminded me of how much my life has changed since […]

Who had the last laugh?!

Since the Royal Wedding two weeks ago there have been many references to the similarity between Sarah Ferguson’s daughters’ attire (especially the hats) and that of the ugly stepsisters in Cinderella. Has anyone, besides me, thought that the similarities were more than coincidental? Check out I think Fergie and her girls were laughing about […]


I confess I am one of the 2 billion people who woke up at 3:00 a.m. today to watch the Royal Wedding. Tease me unmercifully, but my mom and I watched Charles & Diana wed, and I had a pajama party with friends for Diana’s funeral, so I was not about to miss the wedding […]

Making “scents”

I think things (i.e. situations, circumstances, occurrences) that are similar come in groups or “waves”. Lately I seem to be followed by smelly people. I’m talking about people with body odor (B.O.). It all began about a week ago while I was grocery shopping. I headed down the aisle when I detected a rank B.O. […]

Who’s afraid of Elizabeth Taylor?

This morning I was standing in my kitchen drinking coffee and watching the news on CBS. They were interviewing the parents of Taylor Anderson, a 24-year-old teacher in Japan and a U.S. citizen, who died in Japan’s earthquake and ensuing Tsunami. Suddenly the interview was interrupted with “Special Report” and accompanying music. I thought, “Oh […]

Gossip-mongers and other nuisances

Apparently an article in last week’s issue on funding cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and how that MAY affect rural health clinics has lent material for editorial insight by gossip-mongers. Unfortunately those who have so much time on their hands to create such fictional fodder never use it to actually get the facts.  If you […]


I made a gross error and printed the wrong figure in the 3/3/11 article regarding the Spur ISD bond proposal. I wanted to get the word out asap, so I am posting it here and on our Facebook page.
A figure used in the 3/3/11 article about the Spur ISD bond proposal was grossly incorrect. The […]

Where’d all the good people go?

If you’re a Jack Johnson fan, like me, and, like me, contemplating yesterday’s Supreme Court decision regarding Westboro Baptist Church’s protests at dead soldiers funerals, the song, “Where’d all the good people go?” is humming inside your head if not on your lips. (See
I own a newspaper. I write news and on occasion, my […]

Cotton-pickin, I never know who I’m going to tick off

One of my Facebook friends posted that she drove to Lubbock recently and imagined that the cotton dolloped along the sides of the highway was snow. I understood her reference as I, too, often imagine that myself around Christmastime, and since she is from Wyoming, I’m sure she does miss the snow. Her post also […]

Diving for Fish

Sorry for the absence from blogging, but I have been consumed by trout. I just got back from a second fly fishing trip to New Mexico this summer where I again tried to catch trout on a lengthy thin pole with even longer line between episodes of tangled fishing line. I have learned the best […]

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