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Spur Swimming Pool sinks at Pepsi’s Refresh Everything Project

The Spur Swimming Pool has sunk at Pepi’s Refresh Everything Project. On Tuesday, June 1, I went to vote at and couldn’t find the Spur Swimming Pool anywhere. So this morning I contacted Joyce Howze who was in charge of applying for the project on behalf of the City of Spur. Howze said that […]

Woodward joins Dickens County Judge’s race

The field of candidates for Dickens County Judge has grown to three for the November 2 General Election. Woody Woodward of Spur has joined the race as an Independent candidate and faces incumbent Lesa Arnold, Republican candidate, and Democratic Candidate Jeff Braly…
For more on this see the May 13 issue of The Texas Spur.

Jayton voters elect two new council members, one incumbent

Jayton voters elected two new city council members and reelected one incumbent Saturday, May 8 in the municipal election.
Lenora Stanaland was reelected to another term and is joined by two newcomers to the council, Doyle Lee and Kathy Smith. Incumbent Don Wayne Jones received 50 votes but was defeated in his bid for reelection. […]

Spur Swimming Pool not accepted for Pepsi grant project

If you want to vote for Spur Swimming Pool in the online Pepsi Refresh Project, you will have to wait at least until June 1 after the application submitted by Joyce Howze on behalf of the City of Spur was not accepted for May voting.
Many people went to the website last weekend […]

Spur Swimming Pool not accepted for Pepsi Refresh Project

I have been fielding questions from people who have gone online to vote for the Spur Swimming Pool in the Pepsi Refresh Project. I called the person who was submitting it, Joyce Howze of Spur, this morning to find out what happened. She told me it wasn’t accepted.
I’ll have more later. Check this week’s […]

“Stored” memories destroyed in flames

Spur lost another nostalgic landmark early Friday morning, March 26, when Rett’s Grocery & Station (previously known as Todd’s and, before that, Hill’s) burned to the ground. The Spur Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fire about 1:00 a.m. from a call by a resident living near the store. It appears the fire started in […]

A five-legged heifer

Being a small-town newspaper editor offers some unique photo opportunities. At least I don’t think newspaper editors in larger dailies are offered such chances as the one I was invited to witness yesterday. A guy drove up to the office in his old farm pickup with its typical-looking farm-worn patina pulling an equally scruffy looking […]

Spur is 100! Centennial Celebration October 5-11

Where have I been???!!! I have been spending the last few weeks working on our special issue for the Spur Homecoming/Centennial Celebration next week. With two sections in the can, now I have time to write. I’ve had numerous calls and emails requesting a schedule of all of the activities so here they are:
Monday, October […]

The beginning of the end or the end of a beginning

I had a birthday on Saturday which launched the beginning of the end, or the end of a beginning, for me as I approach the half-century mark. If “50 is the new 30″, like women’s magazines tell me, then I guess that makes me 29 years old. What a relief! I’m good for another […]

Keep the Ox; You’ll need it for the harvest.

Blogger’s Note: In my previous post I outlined for you the City of Spur’s budget deficit problem. If you haven’t already read that post (”Spur City Council faces a daunting task”), I ask you to read it before you continue reading this one.
Spur City Council members are facing the difficult task of balancing the city’s […]

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