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What ever happened to “public servants”?

Sen. Ted Kaufman (D-Delaware) was called “the public servants’ defender” this week in an article on ( I found it when I simply Googled the term “public servant” this morning, because I had been thinking about the fact that this is a term that we rarely hear anymore in reference to our elected officials. […]

So you want to run for public office?!

So you want to run for public office?! A trail of candidates have entered the political scene in local county races this year looking for…well…I don’t know what. Change I suppose. But at what price comes this change for those who have thrown themselves into the political race whether it be for county judge, county […]

Keep the Ox; You’ll need it for the harvest.

Blogger’s Note: In my previous post I outlined for you the City of Spur’s budget deficit problem. If you haven’t already read that post (”Spur City Council faces a daunting task”), I ask you to read it before you continue reading this one.
Spur City Council members are facing the difficult task of balancing the city’s […]

Spur City Council faces a daunting task

I attended the Spur City Council meeting on Tuesday night to hear a preliminary presentation for the city’s proposed 2009/2010 budget. Spur City Council members are faced with some tough decisions to make on the coming fiscal year’s budget. Preparation of the city’s annual budget is one of the most important responsibilities the city council […]

Facetious says…it’s just a joke!

My blog from last week, “Facetious says…”, has stirred some to laughter and tears, still others were bored to tears, and then there are some who just took it way too personally. Whatever your response, as the title suggests and the word “facetious” should have explained, it was all in fun.
Sometimes I might be […]

Facetious says….

With the closure of the nursing home last Fall and the consolidation of the J.P. precincts this week, the Dickens County Commissioners court’s approval rating continues its decline in unofficial public opinion polls. Is there a way to turn around the popularity of our elected officials in the constituents’ minds? The county judge and […]

Democrats dwindling in Dickens, Kent counties

As I look over last week’s election returns for Dickens and Kent counties I notice a trend that has materialized over the past decade. While the majority of the U.S. voted for Democratic candidates, the majority of voters in Dickens and Kent counties voted for Republicans, something I’m told was unheard of 15 or […]

Tattling on Terrell

I was forwarded a story this morning coming out of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro which I found kind of amusing. It showed the video of a story run on the telvision station WFAA during their local newscast. They reported that 25 people in the town of Terrell, located 25 miles east of Dallas, were protesting […]

Recall or Rollback?

Looks like Dickens County is headed for a “tax rollback election”. Enough signatures were accumulated on a petition that was filed in retaliation and hopes of getting Dickens County Commissioners Court to reverse their decision regarding the nursing home in Spur. The petition was filed last Friday afternoon with the Dickens County Clerk’s […]

Cookie crumbles

By Cindi Taylor
Ila Johnston will be 103 years old in a couple of weeks. She once gave me a coffee mug that said, “In the cookies of life, friends are the chocolate chips.” She taught three generations of Spur’s school students. She fought and survived breast cancer. Because she was considered a “town […]

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