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Dickens County discontinues operations at Nursing Home

In a narrow vote Wednesday morning, September 24, Dickens County Commissioners chose to discontinue operations at the White River Care Center in Spur. With that decision, the county has been released of any responsibility for the nursing home after Briarwood Nursing Centers LLC failed to follow through on a lease/purchase agreement with the county […]

Taking the fall

I was leaving Dana’s Too last Friday when I met two city councilmen, our main street manager, and a man I didn’t know. One of the city councilmen was talking animatedly to the unknown man while pointing at the new step in front of the entrance into Dana’s Too. I could tell this was a […]

There’s a not so new sheriff in town

Toby Brazee of Spur has been named the new police chief for the City of Spur. He’s not so new, though, since he has lived in Spur for a number of years and even worked a brief stint as a patrolman in 2006. And, since former police chief David Barkley left town a couple of […]

Incumbents rally in City of Spur election May 10

Three incumbents rallied in the May 10 election in a highly contested race for the Spur City Council. Incumbent (Ward 3) Deborah Harris defeated Jerry Dunaway 94 votes-62 votes. Incumbent Manuel Herrera (Ward 2) defeated Olivia Penaflor 46 votes-19 votes, and incumbent (Ward 1) Bucky Phelps defeated Randy Adams 47 votes-42 votes.
In the race […]

Don’t go back in the water

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, sharks are biting again. Two reports of killer shark attacks in the last two weeks bring back memories of the summer of 1975 and the movie premier of Jaws. Duh duh–Duh duh Duh duh…. Who doesn’t know that music?! […]

Un-disclosed material–the polluted plight of the political candidate

The recent Earth Day and all of the fashionable hype about “going green” have made me aware that there is a lot of stuff contaminating our air. Our air has become defiled and politicized. No I didn’t miss the keys. I don’t mean “polluted”. Politicized is what I said. Our air is “politicized”, […]

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