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I confess I am one of the 2 billion people who woke up at 3:00 a.m. today to watch the Royal Wedding. Tease me unmercifully, but my mom and I watched Charles & Diana wed, and I had a pajama party with friends for Diana’s funeral, so I was not about to miss the wedding […]

Making “scents”

I think things (i.e. situations, circumstances, occurrences) that are similar come in groups or “waves”. Lately I seem to be followed by smelly people. I’m talking about people with body odor (B.O.). It all began about a week ago while I was grocery shopping. I headed down the aisle when I detected a rank B.O. […]

Gossip-mongers and other nuisances

Apparently an article in last week’s issue on funding cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and how that MAY affect rural health clinics has lent material for editorial insight by gossip-mongers. Unfortunately those who have so much time on their hands to create such fictional fodder never use it to actually get the facts.  If you […]

Life is frustrating–Let’s weed the garden

We have had a wonderful, wet Spring which has led to beautiful flowers, but lots of weeds. As I drive the highways I notice that the weeds have gotten so tall they have obscured the roadside flowers. The same has occurred in my flower beds and gardens at home. In fact the size of the […]

“Stored” memories destroyed in flames

Spur lost another nostalgic landmark early Friday morning, March 26, when Rett’s Grocery & Station (previously known as Todd’s and, before that, Hill’s) burned to the ground. The Spur Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fire about 1:00 a.m. from a call by a resident living near the store. It appears the fire started in […]

What ever happened to “public servants”?

Sen. Ted Kaufman (D-Delaware) was called “the public servants’ defender” this week in an article on ( I found it when I simply Googled the term “public servant” this morning, because I had been thinking about the fact that this is a term that we rarely hear anymore in reference to our elected officials. […]

So you want to run for public office?!

So you want to run for public office?! A trail of candidates have entered the political scene in local county races this year looking for…well…I don’t know what. Change I suppose. But at what price comes this change for those who have thrown themselves into the political race whether it be for county judge, county […]

A golden Centennial issue that was almost…uh, green?

The Spur Centennial was great fun and a worthwhile celebration of Spur’s first 100 years. The Centennial issue was the largest edition we have published, but worthwhile in the long run for us, and more importantly for our readers. I am happy to mark it a memory now, one that I will hold […]

Spur is 100! Centennial Celebration October 5-11

Where have I been???!!! I have been spending the last few weeks working on our special issue for the Spur Homecoming/Centennial Celebration next week. With two sections in the can, now I have time to write. I’ve had numerous calls and emails requesting a schedule of all of the activities so here they are:
Monday, October […]

Crazy 8

When people who pick up our print edition of the newspaper this week, they’ll think I’m crazy, like that would be anything different than what they probably already thought. We had to shuffle some pages on Tuesday prior to sending them to press. A late ad, adding two pages and repositioning some pages were done […]

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