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Keep the Ox; You’ll need it for the harvest.

Blogger’s Note: In my previous post I outlined for you the City of Spur’s budget deficit problem. If you haven’t already read that post (”Spur City Council faces a daunting task”), I ask you to read it before you continue reading this one.
Spur City Council members are facing the difficult task of balancing the city’s […]

Joe Bell-a hometown boy

Sometimes there is the death of someone, who even though you knew them only slightly or saw them only occasionally, it jars you because you suddenly realize that they have indeed had an influence in your life. Joe Bell was one of those Spur exiles that held such an allegiance to his hometown […]

Spur City Council faces a daunting task

I attended the Spur City Council meeting on Tuesday night to hear a preliminary presentation for the city’s proposed 2009/2010 budget. Spur City Council members are faced with some tough decisions to make on the coming fiscal year’s budget. Preparation of the city’s annual budget is one of the most important responsibilities the city council […]

Making history

To say that attending a person’s memorial service is rewarding may be atypical, but in the case of Ila Johnston, who passed away last month at the age of 103, it was an edifying experience. But then that wouldn’t come as any surprise to those who knew her, for her life was just that, an […]

directions, corrections, and other rections

Sometimes a newspaper reporter, under the pressure of a looming deadline and a bogged-down brain, finally gets an idea and jumps off into that story without appropriate time to get full details. When this happens, and particularly when the story seems to be pretty benign, a writer can almost always count on her readers to […]

Serving Dixie Dogs & memories

A Spur landmark business has reopened its doors again after closing sometime last year. Barbara Bilberry Kautz, a member of the Spur High School Class of 1978, is the new owner of the Dixie Dog.
Barbara may have felt like she had come back home inside the old building where she used to work in high […]

What does Spring bring?

One of my loyal blog readers emailed me this morning and asked where this week’s blog was. I asked her if she had any ideas, and she told me “something refreshing like what Spring brings.” Well that conjures up lots of things like…
• Mosquitoes
• Toe nail polish
• Self-tanners
• Sweat
• Allergies
• Senioritis (And not just for […]

Facetious says…it’s just a joke!

My blog from last week, “Facetious says…”, has stirred some to laughter and tears, still others were bored to tears, and then there are some who just took it way too personally. Whatever your response, as the title suggests and the word “facetious” should have explained, it was all in fun.
Sometimes I might be […]

You Love me, You Love me not

We just finished our annual Valentine’s issue. This year we had 120 photographs submitted by parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. It is always nerve-wracking as we print names, names, and yet more names underneath each of the photos identifying the kids then make sure we get everything spelled correctly, always hoping that what looked […]

We’re having a blast!

We’re having a blast! A winter blast of cold air, that is. Icy conditions cancelled schools today, and I am sure the students are having a blast of a different sort. Too bad they were already up and getting ready for school when they got word that classes were cancelled. So much for […]

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