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It’s a !@#**& job but someone has to do it

One of the key things I have learned from observing the Spur sidewalk project is that grant money isn’t free and it doesn’t necessarily make things better. And, furthermore, the process of the project rarely makes sense. This was affirmed in my mind on Friday morning. Backing into the “news cave”, I noticed Harry Bob […]

“Christmas with the Kranks”, or “It sure is a dark house on Burlington”

As I write this from my desk inside the newpaper office, my husband, Bullfeathers, is decorating our office’s front window for Christmas. Indeed there is a “first time” for everything.
For the past two Christmases we have barely been able to get a tree put up at home while following the Jayton Jaybirds in the state […]

Spur Homecoming: Where every year it’s a holiday, and every class reunion is a party

I was in the Lucky Spur yesterday where I bought a new t-shirt that says “Spur, TX: Where Every Day’s a Holiday, And Every Night’s a Party”. Perfect for Spur Homecoming because our yearly homecoming event is unsurpassed. The t-shirt could easily say “Spur Homecoming: Where every year it’s a holiday, and every class reunion […]

And the good news is…

After the drama we’ve been watching the past few weeks regarding the nursing home I am ready for some good news. And the good news is…
…our fire hydrants have been painted red again…
While I am a Spur ex-student and I love my old high school, I am a traditionalist, and I […]

Recall or Rollback?

Looks like Dickens County is headed for a “tax rollback election”. Enough signatures were accumulated on a petition that was filed in retaliation and hopes of getting Dickens County Commissioners Court to reverse their decision regarding the nursing home in Spur. The petition was filed last Friday afternoon with the Dickens County Clerk’s […]

Cookie crumbles

By Cindi Taylor
Ila Johnston will be 103 years old in a couple of weeks. She once gave me a coffee mug that said, “In the cookies of life, friends are the chocolate chips.” She taught three generations of Spur’s school students. She fought and survived breast cancer. Because she was considered a “town […]

Dickens County discontinues operations at Nursing Home

In a narrow vote Wednesday morning, September 24, Dickens County Commissioners chose to discontinue operations at the White River Care Center in Spur. With that decision, the county has been released of any responsibility for the nursing home after Briarwood Nursing Centers LLC failed to follow through on a lease/purchase agreement with the county […]

Taking the fall

I was leaving Dana’s Too last Friday when I met two city councilmen, our main street manager, and a man I didn’t know. One of the city councilmen was talking animatedly to the unknown man while pointing at the new step in front of the entrance into Dana’s Too. I could tell this was a […]

This ain’t your mama’s Ol’ Settlers

Old Settlers Reunion rolls around once a year in late August (see The Texas Spur 8/28/08 and 9/4/08) during which people from Dickens and Motley counties come together to celebrate. Not privvy to the history of the event, I’m not certain exactly what it is they celebrate, but I do know that it has been […]

Barking Bellyachers

Lots of grumbling going on in downtown Spur as our old sidewalks are torn out to make way for new ones. And it is a mess. I walk my dogs down Burlington between 6 and 6:30 every morning, and the crew working on the project is already on the job their jackhammers reverberating. I […]

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