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There’s a not so new sheriff in town

Toby Brazee of Spur has been named the new police chief for the City of Spur. He’s not so new, though, since he has lived in Spur for a number of years and even worked a brief stint as a patrolman in 2006. And, since former police chief David Barkley left town a couple of […]

Mountain lions but no swimmers here

It’s been a slow news week out here on the frontier. I always count on the swimming pool to at least provide a good photo opportunity when all else fails, but this week that failed, too, when I drove over to Swenson Park and discovered the pool was closed Tuesday afternoon. A cooler temperature and […]

Don’t drink yellow water

We had our quarterly women’s meeting at church Wednesday night which is basically a social where we eat, have a program, and discuss any business items that need to be addressed. I arrived early hoping everyone knew that the city had placed all residences and businesses under a “Boil Water” notice after our water services […]

Sunday morning in Spur

It’s 7 a.m. I’m walking my basset hounds who, having the second best noses in dogdom, have to stop every six feet to smell what last night’s rain brought to the surface. Me? I’m still trying to wake up having had only one cup of java before the pair of dogs finally convinced me it […]

Senioritis–short-term illness or consequential disease

I attended the all-sports banquet at Spur High this week where I sat next to the father of one of the senior students. He described to me a recent incident at home where his son apparently got into big trouble for eating more than his share of chocolate-covered strawberries prepared by his mother for a […]

Bodacious bargains deserve a “show & tell”

You’ve gotta love women who plan their garage sale treks three days ahead. I was late getting the paper to newsstands on Wednesday afternoon due to some technical difficulties, and was greeted by eager women ready to plan their May 3 70-mile Hwy. 70 Garage Sale tour. Sorry girls. I hope my tardiness didn’t ruffle […]

Could Spur be the first Scooter Capitol of Texas?

Our town’s name–Spur, Texas– conjures up pictures in the minds of everyone and has typically been promoted with a western flair by the use of emblems like spurs–the kind worn on cowboy boots. And justifiably so, since locals claim the name was derived from the Spur Ranch. Last year the Texas House of […]

Guests, gall bladders, and other news flashes

When we bought the newspaper almost 13 years ago, the newspaper was running columns entitled Highway News, Kent County News, and Dickens County News. They contained informative news for readers interested in hearing about people in those communities who, during the previous week, may have undergone surgery, had children visit over the weekend, or […]

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