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Could Spur be the first Scooter Capitol of Texas?

Our town’s name–Spur, Texas– conjures up pictures in the minds of everyone and has typically been promoted with a western flair by the use of emblems like spurs–the kind worn on cowboy boots. And justifiably so, since locals claim the name was derived from the Spur Ranch. Last year the Texas House of […]

Guests, gall bladders, and other news flashes

When we bought the newspaper almost 13 years ago, the newspaper was running columns entitled Highway News, Kent County News, and Dickens County News. They contained informative news for readers interested in hearing about people in those communities who, during the previous week, may have undergone surgery, had children visit over the weekend, or […]

The “dys” in “functional”

I sometimes (with tongue in cheek) tell my Christian friends when I “grow up” I am going to become a psycho-therapist who counsels people who were raised in dysfunctional churches. When I say that I am referring to those churches and/or religions that use God’s word to justify their questionable ideas and inflict them on […]

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