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What’ve guns got to do with it, anyway?

I try to keep up with national news especially if it has a local connection, but reading the front page article, “Dickens residents back accused Blackwater shooter”, in the Sunday, May 18 issue of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal was the first I had heard of former Dickens resident Paul Slough’s predicament. If you didn’t see […]

Sunday morning in Spur

It’s 7 a.m. I’m walking my basset hounds who, having the second best noses in dogdom, have to stop every six feet to smell what last night’s rain brought to the surface. Me? I’m still trying to wake up having had only one cup of java before the pair of dogs finally convinced me it […]

Senioritis–short-term illness or consequential disease

I attended the all-sports banquet at Spur High this week where I sat next to the father of one of the senior students. He described to me a recent incident at home where his son apparently got into big trouble for eating more than his share of chocolate-covered strawberries prepared by his mother for a […]

Incumbents rally in City of Spur election May 10

Three incumbents rallied in the May 10 election in a highly contested race for the Spur City Council. Incumbent (Ward 3) Deborah Harris defeated Jerry Dunaway 94 votes-62 votes. Incumbent Manuel Herrera (Ward 2) defeated Olivia Penaflor 46 votes-19 votes, and incumbent (Ward 1) Bucky Phelps defeated Randy Adams 47 votes-42 votes.
In the race […]

Don’t go back in the water

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, sharks are biting again. Two reports of killer shark attacks in the last two weeks bring back memories of the summer of 1975 and the movie premier of Jaws. Duh duh–Duh duh Duh duh…. Who doesn’t know that music?! […]

Bodacious bargains deserve a “show & tell”

You’ve gotta love women who plan their garage sale treks three days ahead. I was late getting the paper to newsstands on Wednesday afternoon due to some technical difficulties, and was greeted by eager women ready to plan their May 3 70-mile Hwy. 70 Garage Sale tour. Sorry girls. I hope my tardiness didn’t ruffle […]

Un-disclosed material–the polluted plight of the political candidate

The recent Earth Day and all of the fashionable hype about “going green” have made me aware that there is a lot of stuff contaminating our air. Our air has become defiled and politicized. No I didn’t miss the keys. I don’t mean “polluted”. Politicized is what I said. Our air is “politicized”, […]

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