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I wrote a story for this week’s newspaper about Sgt. Steve Bunker, U.S. Army. He has undoubtedly had a run of hard knocks beginning last October when a vehicle in which he was traveling in Iraq was hit by a mortar blast. The impact from the blast broke his pelvis, hip, and back, and now […]

Don’t drink yellow water

We had our quarterly women’s meeting at church Wednesday night which is basically a social where we eat, have a program, and discuss any business items that need to be addressed. I arrived early hoping everyone knew that the city had placed all residences and businesses under a “Boil Water” notice after our water services […]

Tabouli, kabuki, and other strange noises

My favorite computer wizard visited my office yesterday to exorcize one of our computers from its latest evil spirit. Fortunately it isn’t that often we succumb to such measures, but there are times we have to call in an exorcist. We call our cherished wizard “The Great Tabbouleh” which is so much more interesting than […]

Sex sells…Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog

My name is Cindi Taylor, and I am a book junkie! “Hello, Cindi!” echo the voices through the voluminous room, but they’re only in my head, for I am playing the scene in my mind’s eye.
I met a friend, another book junkie, in Lubbock yesterday for our quarterly meeting of Junques de Books (or JB). […]

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