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All about stupid, and the great sidewalk restoration quake of ‘08

By Bullfeathers (Greg Taylor)
Stupid is just a fact of life. Probably always has been. I looked up “stupid” in the dictionary. It’s in there, and everything it says about the word easily applies to people, which makes me think stupid has been affecting people for quite a while.
My inspiration to write about stupid came […]

Spur Homecoming: Where every year it’s a holiday, and every class reunion is a party

I was in the Lucky Spur yesterday where I bought a new t-shirt that says “Spur, TX: Where Every Day’s a Holiday, And Every Night’s a Party”. Perfect for Spur Homecoming because our yearly homecoming event is unsurpassed. The t-shirt could easily say “Spur Homecoming: Where every year it’s a holiday, and every class reunion […]

And the good news is…

After the drama we’ve been watching the past few weeks regarding the nursing home I am ready for some good news. And the good news is…
…our fire hydrants have been painted red again…
While I am a Spur ex-student and I love my old high school, I am a traditionalist, and I […]

Dickens Co. Commissioner says court “stonewalled” into decision regarding nursing home

The following article appears in the October 9 issue of The Texas Spur. While this has no significant bearing on the article, I want to let readers know that since the article was printed this morning, I was notified by Dot Cole from the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities, whom I quote in […]

Recall or Rollback?

Looks like Dickens County is headed for a “tax rollback election”. Enough signatures were accumulated on a petition that was filed in retaliation and hopes of getting Dickens County Commissioners Court to reverse their decision regarding the nursing home in Spur. The petition was filed last Friday afternoon with the Dickens County Clerk’s […]

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