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Bailout?! Baloney!

U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama described American taxpayers as having “bailout fatigue” regarding the Big 3 automaker CEO’s testimony to Congress. But I think a lot of us prefer to refer to it as “bailout baloney”.
Tell me again how much those three men make in one year? While two of them spoke of taking […]

Democrats dwindling in Dickens, Kent counties

As I look over last week’s election returns for Dickens and Kent counties I notice a trend that has materialized over the past decade. While the majority of the U.S. voted for Democratic candidates, the majority of voters in Dickens and Kent counties voted for Republicans, something I’m told was unheard of 15 or […]

Tattling on Terrell

I was forwarded a story this morning coming out of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro which I found kind of amusing. It showed the video of a story run on the telvision station WFAA during their local newscast. They reported that 25 people in the town of Terrell, located 25 miles east of Dallas, were protesting […]

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