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We’re having a blast!

We’re having a blast! A winter blast of cold air, that is. Icy conditions cancelled schools today, and I am sure the students are having a blast of a different sort. Too bad they were already up and getting ready for school when they got word that classes were cancelled. So much for […]

Does this irritate you?

Researchers at Oxford University have compiled a list of the 10 most irritating phrases. Heading the list was the expression ‘at the end of the day’, which was followed in second place by the phrase ‘fairly unique’.
“I personally” made third place. Considered a tautological statement because it expresses the same thing twice in different words. […]

It’s a !@#**& job but someone has to do it

One of the key things I have learned from observing the Spur sidewalk project is that grant money isn’t free and it doesn’t necessarily make things better. And, furthermore, the process of the project rarely makes sense. This was affirmed in my mind on Friday morning. Backing into the “news cave”, I noticed Harry Bob […]

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