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Facetious says…it’s just a joke!

My blog from last week, “Facetious says…”, has stirred some to laughter and tears, still others were bored to tears, and then there are some who just took it way too personally. Whatever your response, as the title suggests and the word “facetious” should have explained, it was all in fun.
Sometimes I might be […]

Facetious says….

With the closure of the nursing home last Fall and the consolidation of the J.P. precincts this week, the Dickens County Commissioners court’s approval rating continues its decline in unofficial public opinion polls. Is there a way to turn around the popularity of our elected officials in the constituents’ minds? The county judge and […]

Wine is holy and other things I learned from my Jewish friends

When I graduated from Spur High in 1979 and went out into the vast, temporal world, I met some really interesting people. I discovered that most were different than me, because I soon learned that coming from a small, rural town made me an oddity in the land I chose to try and conquer. Rubbing […]

The protocol of re-gifting

If you haven’t heard, President Obama and the First Lady were at Buckingham Palace yesterday where they met Queen Elizabeth. As is customary with other heads of state, the President brought the Queen a gift. The gifts selected are usually intended to reflect the country which the head of state represents. In his case, President […]

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