Incumbents rally in City of Spur election May 10

Posted on Saturday 10 May 2008

Three incumbents rallied in the May 10 election in a highly contested race for the Spur City Council. Incumbent (Ward 3) Deborah Harris defeated Jerry Dunaway 94 votes-62 votes. Incumbent Manuel Herrera (Ward 2) defeated Olivia Penaflor 46 votes-19 votes, and incumbent (Ward 1) Bucky Phelps defeated Randy Adams 47 votes-42 votes.

In the race for two at-large positions on the Spur ISD Board of Trustees, Lance Harris (201 votes) and Shane Shobert (209 votes) were both elected to their first terms. Other candidates and their votes included Bedford Jones, 67 votes; (incumbent) Kevin Swaringen, 142 votes; Roy Sanchez, 104 votes; and Ralph Frausto, 44 votes.

Voters passed two propositions for Spur ISD to equalize its wealth as a Chapter 41 school district. Proposition #3 passed (260 votes-79 votes), and Proposition#4 passed (246 votes-89 votes).

In the City of Dickens two incumbents were defeated and one incumbent reelected. Steven Taylor (69 votes) and Jack Martin (59 votes) defeated incumbents Alma Paschall (17 votes) and Bobby Laster (24 votes) to win two of the seats on the Dickens City Council, and Wayne Goodwin ( 76 votes) was reelected. Lena Penick also ran for one of the three positions and received 21 votes.

Jayton-Girard ISD Trustees Kathy Owen (70 votes) and Layne Coulter (72 votes) won their bids for reelection. Paul Morales received 38 votes.

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