Another year…another sympton

Posted on Friday 5 September 2008

Time has a way of sneaking past you before you become aware of how much of it has rushed by unnoticed while you were distracted by other things, like, say, life. That’s been the case with my blog. I looked this morning and saw that it has been almost a month since I last posted one. Life has been happening around here. Computer network problems, for one thing, and just routine business for another, like back to school, football, and monthly billing.

Age has a way of doing the same thing. Today is my birthday, and while I am another year old, a yearly routine for most of us, there are some things that go with that routine that aren’t as routine as they are symptomatic of that condition. This morning I met my friend for our morning jog through Swenson Park, a daily routine. When I arrived she presented me with a gift and a birthday card, which I proceeded to try and read. It was still dark outside, and the light inside my car provided little help, but what was most apparent to me was the fact I couldn’t read it without my reading glasses, so I asked her to read it to me, thinking since she is a bit younger, she still had her eyes. But not so. She, too, needed her reading glasses.

“Well, you bought me the card, what does it say?”

“I don’t remember.”

Another year…another sympton.

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