“Christmas with the Kranks”, or “It sure is a dark house on Burlington”

Posted on Thursday 4 December 2008

As I write this from my desk inside the newpaper office, my husband, Bullfeathers, is decorating our office’s front window for Christmas. Indeed there is a “first time” for everything.

For the past two Christmases we have barely been able to get a tree put up at home while following the Jayton Jaybirds in the state football playoffs along with basketball games and all the other events that seem to come with the Christmas season. This year we don’t have the football playoffs as an excuse, but, yet again, our house appears to look like the home of the Kranks from the movie, “Christmas with the Kranks”. And the movie isn’t far from being an accurate portrayal of ourselves, since we did take off last weekend for a long weekend in New Mexico while other people were either decorating for Christmas or out shopping for it.

However, all excuses aside, my husband has informed me that he doesn’t intend to climb the slick metal roof of our house to hang Christmas lights ever again. He said he has enjoyed not risking life and limb, and his career as a firefighter, the past two years in order to have our house glow in the dark. Also he has discovered the benefits and satisfaction he receives in January from not having to take down Christmas decorations. I confess that he does have a point.

A few years ago I bought these great Christmas lights shaped like stars, and I do hope you got to see them then because I have resigned myself to the sincerity of my husband’s vow, so don’t expect to see those stars shining bright on my house ever again. Now, as Bullfeathers is busy completing this morning’s office decorating project, I tell myself to enjoy the consolation of getting a festive look at my office courtesy of his efforts which did not require him to climb slick roofs or ladders or make me a widow. It also proves that maybe he’s not such a “Krank” after all.

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