We’re having a blast!

Posted on Tuesday 27 January 2009

We’re having a blast! A winter blast of cold air, that is. Icy conditions cancelled schools today, and I am sure the students are having a blast of a different sort. Too bad they were already up and getting ready for school when they got word that classes were cancelled. So much for sleeping in.

Snow days always led to various adventures back in the day when I attended Spur schools. Like the time a winter storm blew in while we were at a basketball playoff game at Roosevelt. I remember Coach Cliff Hightower, who had the awesome responsibility of driving the bus, had to stop often to scrape ice off the windshield on our trip home. Since he is a man of short stature this was quite a feat and one that offered much entertaining amusement among his passengers.

We finally made it to Crosbyton only to discover that the highway was closed between Crosbyton and Spur.We ended up spending the night at the First United Methodist Church in Crosbyton. If any of us slept at all, it was on the floor in the fellowship hall. We had fun, and I am sure Coach Hightower did too. Some ladies from the church got out and made us breakfast which was a real treat since none of us had eaten anything except concession stand food at the game.

The next morning dawned brightly and we made our way back to school along a snow-packed road under sunny skies. We got home to find out school had been cancelled for the day, so we headed out to play. By sundown the snow had melted.

I loved snow days.

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    Linda Cortez
    May 11, 2010 | 1:32 pm

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