Photo contest commemorates 100th year of The Texas Spur

Posted on Monday 23 February 2009

While the town of Spur is celebrating their centennial year, so is The Texas Spur. In publication since the beginning, The Texas Spur published its first issue November 5, 1909, four days after the opening of the town of Spur with the sell of Spur Farm Lands.

To celebrate our 100th year in publication we are hosting a photo contest, and we’re asking our readers to be a part of our celebration. We mail the paper each week to subscribers all over the country and internationally. We even have a subscriber in Canada. Two subscribers– one in Australia and one in Russia–receive it via the internet. So the newspaper reaches a wide array of audiences in various locations through the mailed hard copy or online at For this reason we are calling our contest The Texas Spur Tour and we are asking you, our readers, to participate and have a chance of winning a $100 grand prize at the conclusion of the contest.

The guidelines for the photos are:
1. Take a photograph of yourself or someone else (maybe even a famous or infamous person) holding or reading a copy of The Texas Spur in any location. Use your creativity. Take the paper with you to work, school, or play–particularly on vacation or other trips. One can only imagine the possibilities. Maybe get a shot of someone or yourself reading the newspaper in front of the Sphinx? Just a suggestion. The only requirement is to include a copy of The Texas Spur with the front page masthead visible.
2. Submit the photograph by email or mail. When emailing a photo, attach it as a JPEG image and put “The Texas Spur Tour” in the subject line of the email:
Mail: The Texas Spur
Attn: Texas Spur Tour PO Box 430
Spur, TX 79370

Selected photos will be run in future editions of the newspaper throughout the contest, and the winning photo will be run at the end of the contest when the grand prize winner is named.

Photographs will be accepted through October 31, 2009, but don’t wait until the last minute. Help us start celebrating by snapping some pictures and sending them to us! We look forward to receiving them and running them in the paper.

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