The “dys” in “functional”

Posted on Thursday 10 April 2008

I sometimes (with tongue in cheek) tell my Christian friends when I “grow up” I am going to become a psycho-therapist who counsels people who were raised in dysfunctional churches. When I say that I am referring to those churches and/or religions that use God’s word to justify their questionable ideas and inflict them on others, consequently warping God’s truth of grace through Jesus Christ.My reference to dysfunctional churches, while intended to be somewhat light-hearted, I must now see as much more serious in nature in light of the news coming out of YFZ Ranch, home to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) just outside of El Dorado, TX. Daily the news becomes more disturbing. The fact that the name of Jesus has been used to justify the actions of those who abuse the children and women there is an atrocity.

My friend and cohort at the Floyd County Hesparian first brought my attention to this religious sect last year when she ran a series of articles in the Hesparian about FLDS after Samuel Fischer, a member of that same religious sect, purchased property in Lockney in which to establish a cabinet-making business. So, when I first heard about last week’s incident at El Dorado it immediately held my attention.

This “church” definitely puts the “dys” in “functional”.

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