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Posted on Thursday 16 April 2009

With the closure of the nursing home last Fall and the consolidation of the J.P. precincts this week, the Dickens County Commissioners court’s approval rating continues its decline in unofficial public opinion polls. Is there a way to turn around the popularity of our elected officials in the constituents’ minds? The county judge and two of the commissioners have a year and seven months to turn those approval ratings around before the next election, and at least one political analyst has proposed one way that could happen.

The judge is pushing commissioners to consider a courthouse annex to house a ground floor courtroom, but political insiders say that the judge is really hoping to take the idea even further by pushing for a new courthouse.

Facetious, descendant of the famous Chinese thinker and social philosopher Confucius and a wise analyst, in his own right, on many things including politics, has suggested that the commissioners court may indeed need to consider a new courthouse, and the ideal proposal lies with the old Dickens County Nursing Home property about to be auctioned on May 1.

The property, building, and contents are already owned by the county, and the building could be used to house courthouse offices and the new courtroom. Not only would a courthouse in Spur place the county offices nearer to the majority of Dickens County residents, but it would also be more accessible for residents including those who are physically challenged.

Spur citizens came out during last week’s public hearings to object to the consolidation of the two offices for Justice of the Peace. Moving the courthouse to Spur would automatically house the single J.P. office in Spur, satisfying those who protested the merger enough that they might consider volunteering their services to do the asbestos abatement of the building in exchange for tax waivers.

Then there are always the other amenities the building offers that could be used by courthouse employees, elected officials, and even constituents. To name only one, the indoor swimming pool in the basement would offer too many entertaining ideas to list.

While Facetious’s idea may not be attractive to all Dickens County residents, it might be an excellent compromise and a good political tool for elected officials who hope to get reelected.

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