What does Spring bring?

Posted on Friday 8 May 2009

One of my loyal blog readers emailed me this morning and asked where this week’s blog was. I asked her if she had any ideas, and she told me “something refreshing like what Spring brings.” Well that conjures up lots of things like…

• Mosquitoes

• Toe nail polish

• Self-tanners

• Sweat

• Allergies

• Senioritis (And not just for those in high school.)

• Bare, white legs (Unsightly? It depends on who/what they are attached to.)

• Weeds

• Fishing season (It gets them out of the house.)

• A real reason to wear flip-flops (Because it’s WARM, not because they’re so cute you just have to freeze your toes!)

And if those aren’t refreshing enough for you the #1 thing Spring brings….


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