directions, corrections, and other rections

Posted on Friday 12 June 2009

Sometimes a newspaper reporter, under the pressure of a looming deadline and a bogged-down brain, finally gets an idea and jumps off into that story without appropriate time to get full details. When this happens, and particularly when the story seems to be pretty benign, a writer can almost always count on her readers to direct her and help her correct any mistakes or misinterpretations the readers may have seen in said story. This was just the case in the story I wrote on Spur’s Dixie Dog drive-in and ran in this week’s (6-11-09) issue of The Texas Spur.

Overheard at the grocery store was some confusion between the original owners and a woman who currently lives in Spur. The restaurant, as I reported, was begun by R.L. “Dick” Walker and his wife, Louise Walker. This Louise Walker sold the restaurant upon retiring in 1984, and she has since passed away. Now there is another Louise Walker, who is now Louise Jones, who resides in Spur. This Louise “Walker” Jones, is currently alive and well, and is much too young to have been running the Dixie Dog from 1949 to 1984. I am not sure of the live Louise “Walker” Jones’ age, but I would venture to guess that she was probably not even born prior to 1949. Their ages are not the only differences between the two women. I should also probably mention that Dixie Dog co-founder Louise Walker was of caucasian descent while the Louise “Walker” Jones who still lives in Spur is of African-American descent.

A caller to my home on Thursday night got my answering machine, but graciously left me a message which I received upon returning home. One of the latter owners, she described the batter which was used to make what I called, for lack of a better term to describe the menu item, a corn dog . I was told that the batter, which was a secret batter, the recipe known only to those who owned a franchise “Dixie Dog”, was a flour-based batter rather than a corn-based batter. Therefore I was remiss in calling a Dixie Dog a corn dog. I guess a better way to describe the popular “dinner on a stick” would have been “a weiner on a stick covered and fried in a flour-based batter”.

While telling a friend of mine about the call and our discussion about a better description of the Dixie Dog her husband suggested a word which I will not divulge here, but I will tell you that it achieves a response, like the word REACTION: a feeling experienced in response to something that is said or done.

So, no matter what your reaction was to the story in this week’s newspaper, or to this blog, I do hope I cleared things up for our readers.

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