A golden Centennial issue that was almost…uh, green?

Posted on Thursday 22 October 2009

The Spur Centennial was great fun and a worthwhile celebration of Spur’s first 100 years. The Centennial issue was the largest edition we have published, but worthwhile in the long run for us, and more importantly for our readers. I am happy to mark it a memory now, one that I will hold fondly, although it was filled with some stress-ridden moments for this newspaper editor and her staff.

We began our work on that issue a couple of months prior to the week’s celebration, then went over it numerous times for a few days before emailing the special sections to press. We decided to use blue and gold this year instead of just blue as we have done with our past special homecoming issues, and the pages looked great, at least to us on screen, but upon seeing the first printing on both the centennial section and the homecoming section come off the press, Kassi and I were brought to tears when our hard work and effort was marred by the verdant color, not gold, on the front page headlines which I can only now describe as “puke green”. “Where did the Spur bulldogs blue and gold type go?” I asked the printer. “And what part of pea green did you think I would like?”

After much anguish and wringing of hands we decided to have both sections reprinted and asked the printer to do whatever had to be done to make it blue and gold instead of blue and green. We made some adjustments on our end too, and the second press run came out much better. Fortunately, due to my logical persuasion,–after all who would pair green with blue?–we got the second press run on those two sections free of charge.

The printer told me to tell him next time if it was a special issue. Like I didn’t!? What part of Centennial issue did he not understand? Anything that happens one time in 100 years is usually considered something pretty special, isn’t it? Not to mention this will be the only Centennial issue Kassie and I will ever do. Thank God!

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