“Stored” memories destroyed in flames

Posted on Friday 26 March 2010

Spur lost another nostalgic landmark early Friday morning, March 26, when Rett’s Grocery & Station (previously known as Todd’s and, before that, Hill’s) burned to the ground. The Spur Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fire about 1:00 a.m. from a call by a resident living near the store. It appears the fire started in the attic of the building located at 601 West Harris. It then spread to the ground floor where flames engulfed the west side of the building. Fortunately the gas pumps, located on the opposite end of the building, were not involved in the fire, and surrounding homes avoided damage. There were no injuries.

Many in Spur, and those who grew up in Spur, remember it as Todd’s, and before that, as Hill’s where they may have stopped in for drinks and snacks. I remember going to Hill’s Grocery with my grandmother in the afternoon where she would buy candy for me. My favorite thing was the small football-shaped milk chocolate packaged in brown foil printed like a football. I remember Homer Hill would wash the windshield while filling our car with gas. As he got older his eyesight waned, and so would clarity of those window washings. Streaks would usually be left behind, and my dad would say, “Looks like Homer washed the windshield.” So, I have some fond memories of trips to Hill’s and, later, Todd’s. Late last year Georgia Todd sold the store to Robert and Loretta Waddell, and the store became known as Rett’s. We grieve with them in their loss.

I am sure many of you have fond memories of your own. Feel free to share them by leaving a comment, and see photos of the fire and its aftermath in our photo gallery.

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