Diving for Fish

Posted on Thursday 22 July 2010

Sorry for the absence from blogging, but I have been consumed by trout. I just got back from a second fly fishing trip to New Mexico this summer where I again tried to catch trout on a lengthy thin pole with even longer line between episodes of tangled fishing line. I have learned the best thing for performing this new hobby is to hire a fly fishing guide. The obvious reason for this is their expertise, of course, but I also find them useful for other reasons, too. My favorites:
#10.A guide can find a path down a steep canyon where I can’t see one.
#9. A guide can hold my fly fishing pole for me while I crawl over boulders to get to the next fishing hole.
#8. A guide can support me as I wade a fast current in a river up to my hiney.
#7. A guide can tie those tedious knots needed for tying on a fly and do it without cussing. I wasn’t taught this in Home Economics.
#6. A guide can untangle fishing line a lot faster than I can. Detangling necklaces never prepared me for this.
#5. A guide can see fish, pointing them out to me. Only I fake seeing them because, after all, how does he do that?!
#4 A guide carries lunch for me in a backpack.
#3. A guide will take care of me while my husband goes on downstream without being disturbed to unsnag my line.
#2 A guide, unlike my husband, will never be impatient with me about my sloppy casting ability. The guide will also offer helpfiul suggestions.
And the #1 reason to fish with a guide is he keeps me from drowning when I dive in for the fish I just lost while my husband was trying to get a picture of it.
So just do it! Call the Taos Fly Shop for your next gig on the river.

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