Making “scents”

Posted on Thursday 31 March 2011

I think things (i.e. situations, circumstances, occurrences) that are similar come in groups or “waves”. Lately I seem to be followed by smelly people. I’m talking about people with body odor (B.O.). It all began about a week ago while I was grocery shopping. I headed down the aisle when I detected a rank B.O. smell which kept getting stronger the further I went down the aisle. I looked around trying to figure out just who could be permeating the air with such a foul aroma. I went on to the next aisle and the stench became fainter when suddenly there it was again just as a gray-bearded gentleman turned down the aisle behind me. Now I knew who to avoid, so I quickened the pace and shot down another aisle a few rows down to escape. Resuming my shopping brought me to a back aisle running horizontally with the rest in the store. I hung a right, and he popped out from behind me. I just had to get away, so I started trotting pushing my basket ahead of me hoping not to draw attention to myself. But then what was I worried about. Anyone within the atmosphere of this fellow would know exactly what was going on. I only hoped I wouldn’t create a marathon, leading the way as people tried to get away.

This incident has been followed by several since then. Most recently, today I sat in a restaurant in a booth next to a guy who reeked. Needless to say I lost my desire to eat.  Maybe I am just more aware of B.O. now, since the first episode, but I really don’t think so. I think that as temperatures have increased some people have forgotten that they really do need to apply antiperspirant and shower EVERY day. Makes “scents” doesn’t it?!

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