15 years and how it now rolls off my back

Posted on Friday 8 July 2011

It just occurred to me yesterday that I have been publishing this newspaper for 15 years. Greg and I bought the newspaper on July 1, 1996.  Today I ran across my journal recording the decision process leading up to that significant event.

Rereading what I wrote  reminded me of how much my life has changed since purchasing the newspaper. For one thing, I restyled myself. I went from suits, high heels, and pantyhose to blue jeans and Birkenstocks.  Then my pace slowed. Those first few months in Spur, I would literally have to tell myself to walk slower. Mentally I had to decrease the speed of my thoughts and adjust my expectations for the speed of others. Both were welcome changes for this career girl who, at one time, had been intent on climbing the corporate ladder.

But the best changes for me have come in the lessons I learned here at The Texas Spur that revamped me on the inside. My patience grew as I learned not to take things others said so personally. I came to terms with the fact that criticism came with the territory, or should I say with the news ink. My mother always told me when I was a teenager that I had to learn to “let things roll off my back”.

I love “A-HA” moments. You know, those instances during which you suddenly realize that you really do get it?! One of those came when I got a nasty email from a local reader who was unhappy about where I put her grandson’s photo (who, by the way, didn’t even live here) when he got a sports recognition. She had gotten on my case once before about a similar thing, and it really upset me. This time, though, instead of doing it verbally she sent it in written form. I didn’t even finish reading the email before I trashed it then deleted it from my “trash” file. It felt good!! And I didn’t even brood about it afterwards.

I know I have made a lot of mistakes, but I have also done some things right. I’ve written stories that were considered controversial, but I learned it isn’t the messenger, or in my case the writer, who makes the story that way, but the situation I’m writing about that creates the contention. So I learned as I went, and the past 15 years have been my most productive years personally.  And yes, Mom, I finally learned to let it “roll off my back”.

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