Bodacious bargains deserve a “show & tell”

Posted on Thursday 1 May 2008

You’ve gotta love women who plan their garage sale treks three days ahead. I was late getting the paper to newsstands on Wednesday afternoon due to some technical difficulties, and was greeted by eager women ready to plan their May 3 70-mile Hwy. 70 Garage Sale tour. Sorry girls. I hope my tardiness didn’t ruffle your skirts too much. Apparently one lady in Jayton was a bit vexed by my delayed arrival at Kent County General Store, because owner Sherry Doss told me that the woman said I must have “stopped at the garage sale”.

“What garage sale,?” I had to ask.

“You know that Highway 70 one.”

“But that’s not until Saturday!” I exclaimed.

I guess she was afraid I beat her to the bargains. But I know how it is when you’re trying to beat the masses to the best deals. I’ve done it myself a few times. I used to be an avid garage sale maven myself about 20 years ago, but my house got full and the flame has yet to rekindle. But I do appreciate professionalism when it comes to any kind of shopping.

I also know that the garage sale obsession is not limited to those of the female persuasion. My father-in-law is an aficionado. He is an ardent collector of hordes of items. One horde is his Coca-Cola collection. He could open his own museum. When he moved from Nebraska to Louisiana several years ago he had not one, but two, moving vans–one for his household and one for his Coke collection. We girls love it when a guy has more of anything than one of us has shoes. But that’s another story….

I really want to hear about your bodacious bargains from the BIG shopping trip on Saturday. Please share them with me by posting a comment to this blog. It would be like a big online show & tell! How much fun will that be?!

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    Belinda Maye
    May 7, 2008 | 4:04 pm

    You Go, Girl!! I was bored (yes, in my own class because everyone is gone on the Cinco de Mayo trip) and found your blogs! Awesome! I will have to check it out weekly!
    You guys do a fantastic job with the paper. Thanks to my Dad it is still coming to my PO each week, and it makes my day when it arrives! Thaks for a job well done! Keep it up!

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